Tattoo Removal by Dr. Deborah Freehling
Laser Tattoo Removal at the Bay Area Laser Tattoo Removal Center, San Francisco, Mountain View, CA


NEW Breakthrough Tattoo Removal Technology

Watch the video on the right as Dr Freehling uses THE NEW PicoSure laser and removes a patients unwanted tattoo >>

Anti-Aging Treatment

Turn back the hands of time, with our innovative anti-aging treatments.

Dr. Freehling has listened to her patients and is offering state-of-the-art anti-aging skin rejuvenation treatments including Radiesse, Obagi and more.

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Dark Spot Removal

Remove unwanted dark spots, quicker, and with better results!

The patented PressureWave™ technology delivered by our PicoSure Laser, results in greater disruption of dark spots for better clearance, with fewer treatments, and without injuring the surrounding skin.

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Laser Tattoo Removal

Revolutionary laser tattoo removal is possible, thanks to the PicoSure Laser.

Our laser technology lightens and removes stubborn tattoos (including tough blue and green inks), more efficiently and effectively than other lasers, using picosecond technology to shatter the target ink.

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Welcome to The Bay Area Laser Tattoo Removal Center, where investing in our patients best results is our highest priority.  Therefore, we offer only the best and latest laser technology for tattoo removal.


Dr. Deborah J. Freehling, founder of The Bay Area Laser Tattoo Removal Center, is proud to offer the latest innovation in laser tattoo removal. Located in the heart of Mountain View, her practice is the first center in California Bay Area offering the PicoSure laser from Cynosure. The PicoSure laser is the world’s first safe and effective picosecond aesthetic laser. This unparalleled breakthrough in laser technology offers Dr. Freehling’s patients effective and efficient removal of tattoos and treatment of dark spots (benign pigmented lesions).


Clinical data shows the ultra-short pulse bursts of energy delivered to the skin via the PicoSure laser enables tattoo removal in fewer treatments - even with recalcitrant (stubborn) tattoos – allowing patients to save valuable time (and money), with a reduced number of treatments.


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